The Dream Manifesto

My father used to say that most people die before they reach their 20th birthday but are only buried in their sixties…

What he meant is that by the time we reach adulthood, most of us abandon our hopes and dreams, influenced by society to perceive reality as a collection of rigid and unchanging rules that are shaped and determined externally. This mindset leads us to live as if we were zombies, replacing youthful curiosity and the willingness to explore new possibilities with fear, routine, and the pursuit of a false sense of security and comfort.

In doing so, we fail to realize that reality is not merely a fixed external construct, but rather a dynamic interplay—a constantly shifting tapestry woven from our perceptions, beliefs, and actions.

“The Secret to reality is that everything is just  a dream, and it is only when dreams are seeded onto the infinite soil of our imagination that they can manifest into our world.”

Dreams serve as the foundation upon which reality is built. Most of the things that exist in our world were once an idea, an intangible thought that evolved and developed into something tangible—something we can touch, see, hear, smell, or feel. What we see and experience in the world around us, whether they are technological advancements, artistic creations, social changes, or any other kind of achievement, began as thoughts and dreams within the minds of individuals. Our perceived reality is the collection of these dreams turned into substance, intertwined across time and place. A collection of borrowed ideas, arbitrary conventions, and social constructs ingrained within the fabric of our lives over centuries.

“Reality is a moving sea whose waves follow the contour of our imagination.”

The only limits to realizing our dreams are the boundaries of our own imagination. Anything that the human mind can conceive, it can create. How would our world transform if each of us took the time to explore the hidden gardens of our dreams, dancing through their diverse colors and fragrances to uncover our deepest desires?

Our world is a playground—a canvas awaiting our creative expression. Using the vibrant colors of our imagination, we can envision and bring forth new and exhilarating narratives without end. By acknowledging that the barriers we perceive are the products of our own creation, we can start breaking down the mental constraints that keep us confined, revealing concealed opportunities for growth, transformation, and fulfillment!

In order to create the future we desire,  we must invest in our individual and collective ability to imagine and dream beyond self-limiting beliefs. The culmination of 10 years of research, spent creating works and hosting holistic Art experiences in and outside of the African continent, as a means of interrogating its future, The Sanctuary is designed to act as an accelerator of the imagination. Existing both as a physical and a digital installation, it combines art, music, and storytelling to support a Future-dreaming ritual through which participants can envision desirable future scenarios guided by their innermost desires. 

Rooted in ancient African indigenous knowledge and wisdom, it takes the form of a digital temple comprising five structures surrounding an open courtyard, nestled within a lush, primordial garden. According to IFA, the ancient spiritual tradition of the Yoruba people (Nigeria, Benin, Togo etc), in order to achieve a truly satisfying and fulfilling life, one must consider five fundamental pillars: Ce-Meji pertains to the Body, Ka-Ogbe to the Mind, Gbe-Meji to the Spirit, Sa-Meji to the Heart and Yeku-Meji to the Soul. The pillars are introduced through the five buildings, in the format of mixed-media photo, 3D and digital collage animations, each considering the visible and the invisible dimension of their corresponding principle. Based around the five pillars of IFA, the Future-Dreaming ritual considers how we will play, eat, dream, pray and love in the context of an ideal future. This ritual empowers participants to dream and envision scenarios that transcend the confines of our current reality. It encourages us to imagine alternatives to the stagnation and predetermined nature of our material world, whilst affirming our agency and power in shaping the world we live in, thus creating a space for boundless possibilities to unfold… 

Welcome to the future !






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